Pipity goes to Africa with Bushbells!

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How it came about….

My main priority with Pipity is customer satisfaction, and to ensure that this is being met I have checked every Pipity Activity Case before sending it out myself, or to Amazon or selling it at a fair. I have put aside a number of Activity Cases with minor imperfections over the past couple of years, and am working with my manufacturers to ensure the these do not slip through the quality control checks at their end….all part of the learning curve of building my little business! This has meant I have a few boxes of Activity Cases which are sitting at the back of my storage unit, which I was deliberating what to do with … and then I met Jax running her Bushbells stand at the Ugbooke Fair in the Spring.

Jax is one of life’s enthusiastic, generous and lovey givers and I was really inspired by the Bushbells story and her efforts to support the communities she loves in the coastal areas of Kenya. She provides livelihoods for local tailors who produce bright, bold and beautiful clothing from kikoy cloth, which she buys and then sells at fairs in the UK, using the profits to support schools back in the same local coastal communities. I had a lightbulb moment and showed Jax my Pipity cases, and wondered if they might be able to put my set aside stock to good use in the schools.

Flying with Kids, Top Tips to make a Plane Journey with Children Easier.

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We lived in the US for 3 years when our children were younger, and have loved travelling as a family since then. Over the years we have experienced both the highlights and horrors of flying long and short haul with our kids at their various stages and phases, and have found that the following all go to make those long journeys easier!