Meet Team Pipity...

Kate – Founder, Creator, Maker and Designer

Hi. I’m a Mum of 3, wife, miniature Labradoodle owner, coast path walker, film and music fan, wine and chocolate lover and Devonophile.

I had a fab childhood. In fact, many of my most special and treasured memories are of days spent colouring, cutting, sticking and folding, creating characters and scenes out of odd bits of paper and card, and of playing made-up, let’s-pretend games which transported me to countless magical places.

The ideas behind Pipity sprang from a desire to find things for my own children that would spark their imaginations, keep them creatively busy and be easy to take out-&-about … and at the same time neatly sidestep the perennial ‘screen time negotiation’ and satisfy the cries of “I’m bored!”. Inspired by my own childhood memories, I set about creating a solution.

It’s all-too easy to forget that the most impressive ability to create entertainment is, after all, in our own imaginations. It so often feels like kids now have a lot less time and freedom for imaginative and creative play. And yet, with a bit of a nudge in the right direction, they’re away!

I hope Pipity will provide a neat way to capture that spark, to fuel that imagination and to let children happily immerse themselves in an array of games and activities.

Anyway, that’s me! I love what I do and I hope that it shows in Pipity. I guess we’re all looking for the same thing: for our children to feel that joy, that sense of wonder, that magic that comes from letting your imagination run wild.

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