My daughter has a Pipity Activity Case, which is brilliant and we use it all the time!​

C Clarke - 09 February 2017

My sister ordered a Pipity case for my daughter some time ago and she loves it. So too does my son… so I’ve just ordered a red one for him. He’s not getting it for a while, but he will be so very pleased!

Brigit P - 12 January 2017

Granddaughter loves this as she can take it wherever she goes.

Mal - Amazon 5* - 19 January 2017

Grandchildren loved them

E Walters Amazon 5 * - 15 January 2017

Great idea as our niece loves sleep overs and being creative. This is such a fab idea as she can use this when travelling to visit her nan on public transport or use when she’s staying over at ours or if she gets bored. I would highly recommend - I am considering getting more for other children in the family. I also like that there are “add-ons” you can buy so that’s birthdays sorted too.

Amazon Customer 5* - 14 January 2017

Loving our Pipity set. Thank you’ cards are happening today! The perfect present for my art loving girl!

C Newby - 03 January 2017

My daughter was given a red Pipity case for Christmas by her granny and she loves it!

Charlotte M - 29 December 2016

My daughter loves the activity set. Best gift ever!

Dawn S - 25 December 2016

Love it. It’ll be the perfect Christmas present.

Catherine - Amazon 5* - 20 December 2016

Purchased for our holiday for my 5 year old son and he LOVED it! Such a super case and great activities. He takes it everywhere! Worth the money.

Amazon Customer 5* - 15 December 2016

Firstly I just want to say I am so impressed with the ordering and the delivery to my door! I received the Pipity Activity Case this afternoon and it looks great and I just know my granddaughter will enjoy playing with her new craft and art set. Its all wrapped now ready for Christmas day!

L Brooke - Amazon 5* - 12 December 2016

​23 out of us for Doc’s birthday. 7 Children on a Friday night might sound like hardwork, but with our Pipity Activity packs and Activity books, you can’t hear a peep!

Nisbah - 02 December 2016

Perfect present and lovely quality. So nice that I am ordering another one straight away. I would buy them as gifts for classmates if they were under the £20 mark. I love the product concept.

Zoe Amazon 5* - 17 November 2016

This is a brilliant product. I bought this for for my 5 1/2 year old twins at the beginning of the summer holidays for trips away. They love it. It is taken everywhere and well used at home. It contains all they need for a bit of creative fun wherever they are and it belongs to them. Everything has a place in the case and so nothing is lost. The starter book that it comes with is fab and the pocket to keep their creations in is great if they have to stop halfway through. Fabulous!

R. Botell - Amazon 5* - 06 November 2016

Children enjoy the activities. Easy to take with you and keeps everything tidy together.

Mrs G - Amazon 5* - 31 October 2016

Arrived quickly My grandaughter will really love it

Kathleen Judd - Amazon 5* - 20 October 2016

LOVE LOVE the little brief case! Just taken delivery, so efficient and brilliant… Now just ordered the little file! Huge Thanks

A Balding - 16 October 2016

I purchased one blue and one pink Pipity for my grandchildren for a long train journey to Scotland . They are a huge success and greatly appreciated by both children and their parents!

Another friend was so impressed that he has now purchased one for his grand daughter.

Katie Higgs - Amazon 5* - 17 October 2016

Fabulous product, so original, so useful and great quality. Very efficient delivery. Could not recommend more….

Amazon Customer 5* - 17 October 2016

My daughter has just received this for her birthday. What a fantastic product, great quality and she loves it…hasn’t put it down! Going to get more of the books, she’s very excited about the paper dolls one.

Amazon Customer - 06 October 2016

I bought a Pipity case over the summer for my son and he loved it. He is really into arts and craft so he thought it was brilliant.

C Amatt - 26 September 2016

I bought this a few months back for my 5yr old daughters birthday…and it is still going strong. It goes on most trips with us, handy for on the sidelines at older brothers football games too! It’s cute and neat, has all that you need. I needed it in a speedy timeframe and after emailing Kate, got the swiftest respnse and all was sorted. A great start up with the best customer service…well done.

C.Rose - Amazon 5* - 15 September 2016

Well made and stocked with good quality stationary. Brilliant gift for a 4yr old girl

Helen H - Amazon 5* - 29 July 2016

My son (5) and daughter (8) were given an Activity Case and Portfolio from their very generous Granny, to help me with my first solo flight and holiday with them this summer. As a Mum and KS1 teacher I am so impressed and pleased with these products. We’ve given the Activity Cases a test drive this weekend and the children love being in charge of their own packs and have had a great time doing the activities in the starter book. I received copies of all the other Pipity books to take on our holiday this morning, they are varied and so well done, and I know will keep the kids really busy. The quality and design of everything is excellent and it all encourages creativity, imagination, interactive play, fine motor skills and organisational skills, which are all great learning skills and they love it!

Louise - Amazon 5* - 18 July 2016

This was bought for my daughters 6th Birthday and she loves it; I love it too because I no longer have to race around gathering together various drawing equipment and stuffing them into a bag prior to us going out. Well designed Pipity.

S.Thomas - 11 July 2016

This activity case is well made so it will last. The way it looks like a bag with a shoulder strap appeals a lot and we have found it most useful on long journeys or in restaurants while waiting for food. It’s very quick to fold away so when the food arrives the table is rapidly cleared! The books that come with it are well thought through and different to puzzle books etc. We particularly like the games book as it means the kids can play together.

A. Siggers - 07 May 2016

Perfect solution to me carrying the paper and pencils in my handbag- they get to carry it all themselves!

K.J - 26 April 2016

Dulcie absolutely loves her activity case - she takes it everywhere!

Dyna S - 28 April 2016

Simply brilliant. My 3 and 5 year old loved them. Perfect for planes, trains and church!

O Bourke - 24 April 2016

I bought this for my girls who loved them. I’m always trying to find ways to drag them off their screens and into other activities and….this worked. I love the way everything is neatly packed together so that all the organising is done for you. It’s also great quality which makes a welcome change from a lot of what’s out there. The girls loved carrying their smart little cases. More, please!

Elise M - 01 April 2016

Thank you so much for the Pipity cases, just to let you know that they have been a feel hit with my girls and were a huge help on both a long car journey and whilst on holiday so my husband and I could enjoy a long lunch or 2!

I am spreading the word up here and wish you every success.

Bryony S - 11 April 2016

My daughter is really enjoying her activity pack. She loves it and all the activities!!

B Wilson - 12 April 2016

My goddaughter loves arts and crafts so I gave her the Pipity Activity Case and the Puppet Show book for her birthday. Had a call from her Mum to say that she’s over the moon with them and taking it all EVERYWHERE!!! Really pleased to have found an unusual and really useful present that she’s loving so much!

Amazon Customer - 21 March 2016

We had an unexpected trip to the US with just a few days to get organised and I was worrying about what to take to keep our son entertained on the flight, I really don’t like plugging him into screens for hours as he is a nightmare to deal with afterwards. A friend recommended Pipity and I ordered the red activity pack and On the go games book. We survived the flight and the Pipity products were brilliant. He loved carrying it all himself, we weren’t having to jump up and down to the overhead lockers as we just kept it all in the seat back in front. He has done a number of activities in the starter book and loved the games book, especially code breaker, which we used in the airport too. Will be getting more books and using this again!

Amazon Customer - 06 March 2016

My daughter already has the Activity pack, folio and some books and absolutely loves them!

This order is all gifts for friends of hers! We will be ordering more in the future I’m sure!

R Wilson - 16 March 2016

I bought a red and pink activity case for my daughter and niece (5 and 7) after reading an article about Pipity. They both love drawing, colouring and crafty projects, AND carrying round little bags, so these tick boxes for both and I know the girls will love them! They arrived quickly and I’m really impressed with how well made the oil cloth bags/cases are. The scissors, ruler, pencils etc inside are great quality and the book has a really a good variety of activities. Was going to save them for upcoming birthdays, but we’re all going away for the weekend, and these will be great to keep the girls busy, perfect for the long pub lunches we’re planning! Came with a little note encouraging reviews, very happy to do this for a great product, which I can see we’ll get lots of use out of.

Amazon Customer - 26 February 2016

Thank you so much for the books. If they enjoy the dolls as much as they did the puppets, it will be very rewarding and great fun.

Like to pass on a comment made by my daughter-in-law: the Christmas thank you cards were such a hit she wondered if you might consider some which would cover general and/or birthdays. She says the girls are, fortunately, receiving gifts throughout the year, and of course, particularly birthdays, and these could be really useful and fun.

Thank you again for the books.

Sue - 08 January 2016

​HUGE hit this Christmas. Our 5 year old twins LOVE them!

R Davies - 25 December 2015

What a charming children’s product! It is obvious that everything has been really thought through with a real attention to detail. It’s so well made and an incredibly reasonable price… made with oil cloth, sturdy fastenings, great quality stationary AND an activity book to get them started. Having bought a number of presents over the last few years that only held their attention for a moment or broke really quickly, it’s evident that this won’t be the case with Pipity, I don’t remember the last time I felt so pleased with a purchase. Thank you so much, you’ve sorted out a number of Christmas presents for me.

Katherine H - 23 November 2015

I bought a Pipity Gift Set at the Spirit of Christmas Fair and just wanted to let you know that my son LOVES it! Just emailing to order more for Christmas presents. Thank you.

Isla G - 21 November 2015

I bought a Pipity activity set at the Spirit of Christmas show a few days before our 14hr flight to Singapore. It was the best purchase ever! My 3yr old loves it and it has kept her entertained both on the flight and whilst out and about. not so sure Singapore airlines appreciated the confetti paper she managed to produce under the seat! Thank you for a great product.

Clare K - 19 November 2015

Martha got a pipity for her 3rd birthday and she LOVES it! It kept her quiet throughout an entire wedding service (she’s a massive chatterbox normally). It’s also served us well on the train and even this morning after a particularly early wake up. I thought she might be a bit young for it but she loves using the scissors and colouring in, not to mention carrying it around like a handbag. The great thing is there’s years left of use as she’ll discover the activities as she gets older and starts to understand she can make things out of the paper. This is a really well thought out product, compact and great for travel. Thanks Kate for all your hard work in creating it!

Jessica S - 25 September 2015

My daughter LOVES her Pipity and it really hasn’t left her side when we go out either for a meal or on a car trip. She will def be packing it for our holiday to France soon too.

Lou F - 07 July 2015

Thank you so much for sending my daughter’s Pipity so promptly. We flew the next day and it was a revelation! She totally loved drawing and sticking pages together. We barely used our ipad, which was great. Her cousins also were fond of the Pipity pack and their parents were very curious of this new product.

V Bragg - 25 July 2015

Love it. My two take it out for dinner and every trip away… even to do homework! Great gift. Makes my life easier xx

Sarah M - 30 June 2015

Pipity - an outrageous hit for my nieces birthday ! Coco said it’s totally epic and it was the only present she took to school!!

Lucy F - 15 June 2015

Pipity came camping with us over the May Bank Holiday weekend. A lifesaver when the rain came… kids busy, I got to read a book! Just brilliant!

Carole M - 05 May 2015

My girls love their Pipity cases, portfolios and books. They tick every box - a cute little case that they take everywhere, lots of fab things to make and create… The dolls kept them busy for hours while we were away recently (and allowed us to have an extra glass of wine at the end of lunch while they were busily entertained!). They then love tucking it all in their portfolio when they get home. A great little range that works brilliantly. Looking forward to more books to take on our summer hols!!

Sarah J - 04 May 2015