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Pipity is put through it's paces on the Thorley Family Adventure Holiday, Exploring Europe!

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Richard Thorley contacted me with a link to their family blog ‘Lifeinourvan’, following their family adventure holiday exploring Europe travelling in a motorhome, homeschooling their children enroute. Richard suggested we could work together and I jumped at the chance. The family have spent more than a year travelling 30+ countries and more than 45,000 miles, with more adventures planned - what a great opportunity for Pipity to be put through its paces, becoming part of Libby and Lottie’s their children’s travel kit. I was excited and interested to get the Thorley’s feedback and hear how Pipity faired.

Pipity has featured in their blogs during an outing to Lincoln castle, and whilst visiting the town of Hamlyn in Germany:

“Libby loves her Pipity Case and it has already proved so useful, as she can take it with her and draw, record or write about it at the time.”

It’s been great to see that Pipity has been useful for educational purposes and has become a usful addition to their home-schooling materials.

I’m also chuffed to see that it has provided the family with some fun entertainment - Mother’s Day was topped off with a Pipity Puppet show performance:

"Sometimes simple family fun is the perfect ingredient for an enjoyable ‘family road trip’ evening with no TV screen in sight”.

One of my favourite images of the Thorley’s using Pipity is of Libby and her Mum using it to play a game of ‘Guess Who’ whilst chilling out on a small beach in Croatia.

The icing on the cake has been the family’s comments in a recent interview with ‘Worldtowning’. Their response to the following question was very exciting for me to read:

What is the one item your children carry with them to make their unique (less traditional) home more comfortable? The girls love lying on their beds or the inflatable sofas outside and spend hours writing/drawing or making things with their Pipity Activity Cases… so it would be between these and their array of soft toys that cover their beds at the back of the motorhome.

Thanks to the lovely Thorley family, I can now saw that Pipity has been (and continues to be) properly road-tested. I asked the them for a comment to sum up how Pipity worked as part of their kids travel kit, and was delighted with their response:

“Sometimes you scratch around for things to do for kids without resorting to the silver screens of an iPad, but the Pipity is a brilliant for one or both of our girls to get creative on the go… It’s durable, robust and stylish enough that they use it everywhere we go…”

If you want to plan a trip to Europe, I highly recommend the blog, it’s easy to navigate and is packed with loads of ideas and suggestions… our next family holdiay was inspired by information and ideas shared by the Thorley’s adventures. They sum up their blog brilliantly:

“We’ll keep it simple. Want inspiring European Experiences for families? Save yourself time and money using what we’ve learnt!”

I highly recommend that you check it out!

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