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Pipity: Cut-Out and Colour Paper Dolls

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Children have hours of fun creating these whimsical Pipity Paper Dolls, with a wide choice of outfits and a great variety of accessories that come with them. Our smart gift folders, with a magnetic closing, make great gifts for budding designers and creative kids.

Each kit is filled with beautifully illustrated templates for the dolls, outfits and accessories to colour-in, cut-out and curl into a clever stand-up cone shape. Also included are blank templates, so kids can design their own outfits. - the possibilities are endless.

Easy to dress and un-dress, just pop the outfit over the paper doll, and add finishing touches with the accessories.

Try our Pipity Paper Doll Activities for free, just download our printable paper doll templates HERE. Hours of fun for rainy indoor play!

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