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6 Free Art and Craft Printable Activities

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

There is no doubt that lockdown is proving to be challenging for parents, especially when children are more likely to be bored without the stimulation of interaction with friends and normal everyday activities.

After the challenges of home-schooling parents deserve a break, so here’s a selection of some of our favourite art and craft activities, with ‘how to’ videos, so that children can watch learn and create independently. Just get a few bits and bobs together, click the video links below, and leave them to it! (A lot of the activities involve the use of scissors, so we recommend for children age 6+, younger children will need some supervision).

Pipity has a great selection of free printable art and paper craft activities with ‘how to’ videos. Activities include Paper dolls with outfits, a paper craft Dormouse called Doris and a 3D hand made ‘Hippo Birthday’ Card.

Rob Biddulph have 71+ fun how to draw videos including, Octopus, Rocket, Skeleton and Robots! Just grab some pens, pencils and paper, choose a video and enjoy!

No Sew Sock Worms, a great creative project for younger children, as no scissors are used. Have fun creating a new cuddly toy.

7 Easy DIY Toilet Roll Crafts - Don’t throw loo rolls in the recycling! These craft projects are simple, fun and the results are really effective and satisfying.

I loved making pom poms when I was younger, and when you know how to make them it can become quite addictive, a great project that helps improve fine motor skills!

With an odd sock (we have a basket full in our house), and a few additional bits and bobs, kids can have fun making a sock puppet, and then putting on a show!

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