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Top Packing Tips and Hacks For a Happy Vacation With Kids!

Learning to pack sensibly for family trips has been a discipline that I have had to work very hard at over the years! One thing that I realised quite early on was that children’s carry-on wheelie suitcases can very quickly become an annoying burden. We set off happily on a trip to Greece a few years ago with our kids happily pulling their own suitcases through the airport, excited to board the plane and we felt smugly prepared for an easy journey. However, soon into the flight we found ourselves jumping up and down, yanking the wheelies in and out of the overhead lockers, wrestling them open in the limited space, and fishing various entertainment activities during the flights, we quickly started to regret our decision. When we arrived late in the evening at our destination airport, it was a real headache trying to get 3 tired kids, cumbersome wheelie cases and our own hand luggage off the plane and out of the airport! The fate of the wheelies was sealed (never again were we going to fly with them), and this was one of the experiences that inspired me to create Pipity.

Packing light is key for easier journeys with kids, and I designed the Pipity Activity Case, taking all of my families experiences into account. This resulted in the neat Activity Case that is easy for kids to manage and use independently, keeping kids happily entertained when you’re traveling to and from your destination, and during your time away from all the toys at home.

The Activity case is compact and lightweight, so easy for kids to carry and manage independently, but it can easily be tucked into your carry-on if needed.

It fits neatly in the back of plane, train and car seats, so is easy to keep handy when you’re travelling.

It has pockets that hold everything in place, a built-in easel and cushioned back, so children can use it on their laps.

Discover a great variety of activities inside. There are hours of entertainment including paper crafts, art, games and puzzle activities. Kids can colour and create fun things to play with, a great alternative to packing toys and travel games.

The art, games and puzzles activities are a great distraction when you’re waiting in airports, restaurants, or just hanging out in your vacation accommodation.

Plus, everything can be recycled after play, limiting your environmental impact at your destination.

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