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Top Tips to Make Travel with Kids Easier..

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Pipity Travel Activities for kids in Paxos Greece

Having children forces us to make changes to our tried and tested routines. And travelling with kids is no different. Those care-free jaunts around the world may be a thing of the past — but exploring and experiencing new places with your kids is a great opportunity to create memories that will be shared for years to come. Like many things child-related, you’ll struggle to remember what travelling was like before they came along!

Child development experts reckon that once children turn five, travel can help them learn life skills that they won’t get at home. So by taking your family out of their comfort zone, can be fun and an enriching and educational life experience for you all.

We have been really fortunate over the years, enjoying a great variety of travel experiences with our kids, from RVing adventures in the USA and Iceland, canal boat adventures around the UK, lovely villas and resorts in Europe and the Caribbean, to camping in Wales and enjoying the fabulous YHA’s in Devon and Cornwall! Every trip has had its highs and lows, which we have relished and learnt from.

One of the issues that we have had over the years, like many others is to pack way too much. I created a mountain of activity books, pencils, games, and gizmos all to keep our kids happily entertained (and not permanently plugged into a screen), during flights and our road trips in the USA and Iceland. This experience was one of my main inspirations for creating Pipity.

The Pipity Activity Case is compact and easy for kids to carry and manage independently, taking just seconds to set up and pack-away.It can be kept handy in the seat backs of cars, planes and trains, and with its built-in easel and cushioned back is easy for kids to use on their laps, or on any uneven surface.The neat case has snug pockets that keep all the stationery items to hand and in place, and the Activity Starter Pack has a great variety of activities that ensure hours of entertainment, including paper crafts, colouring, drawing, games and puzzle activities.Ideal and easy screen free entertainment when you’re travelling, eating out or enjoying downtime!The additional bonus is that all these activities can be recycled after play, limiting your impact on your destination.The case can be re-filled and reused at home, for everyday outings and future family adventures!

Pipity kids travel activities in airports, road trips, on holiday, vacation, eating out

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