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Staycation Ideas for Families...

Updated: May 3, 2021

Keep kids happily entertained during a staycation with a Pipity Activity Case, use inside and outside

Travel opportunities are uncertain this summer, and everything in the UK seems to be booked! So if your holiday is cancelled, you can’t find somewhere to go, or you don’t have the budget to take a trip; why not plan a staycation at home instead!

We’re doing just that, and there are plenty of benefits to taking a staycation; you save the biggest expenses of travel and accommodation, allowing you to support your local economy in the process!

Tips to make sure your Staycation is a success:

· Make sure it’s time off from your home. Family holidays are all about spending quality time together. One of the things about getting away, is escaping all the maintenance ‘to do’ jobs around your home. Plan the dates for your staycation, get as many of your ‘to do’ jobs completed before then, and make sure that you don’t try to tackle them during your week off.

· Make sure it’s time off from your usual everyday chores. You’re saving on travel and accommodation, so treat yourselves to some meals out, and where necessary get these booked so that you can start looking forward to them. Stock up at the beginning of the week, plan picnics and keep cooking simple (bbq’s are great). Get washing done and put away before your week off staycation starts.

· Pretend you’re a tourist as you consider staycation ideas. Plan as if you are a tourist in your local area. What places and attractions do people come to your locality to visit? What activities have you always wanted to do, but just haven’t done yet because you take having them nearby for granted? Or what have you not done for years that your kids would love to do (or do again)? Get together and make a list of what everyone in your family would like to do, and then plan an itinerary that includes a wish from each family member.

· Consider staycation ideas that might be a little out of the norm for your family.

Grab the opportunity to try something you’ve never done before. Plan for fun and memorable experiences. For example, Segway outings, high wire activities with companies like Go Ape, Coasteering or Riding. You’re saving on travel and accommodation so might be able to more easily afford activities you haven’t done before.

· Take a hike. Google and search on Pinterest for the best hikes in your area, and plan one or more days of your staycation around that. Pack a tasty picnic lunch and enjoy a day in the great outdoors.

· Go camping. Get away for a night or two and go camping nearby. Research great spots, and get them

booked up if you need too, or, you could even go camping in your own back garden.

Children playing with Pipity Activities during a camping trip

· Enjoy a family a bike ride. Going on a family bike ride is another fun day activity. Where there are good bike trails you often find good places to hire out bikes for a day, making it an easy day out for all.

Pipity is a great accessory, packed with hours of fun activities that help keep kids creatively busy … at home, on days out, travelling in the car, eating out, on picnics and when you’re camping. Treat your kids with the gift of a Pipity at the beginning of your staycation, to help make your week even more manageable!

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